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                                                                                                                                                                              Amy D. Penny
Spirit Work - Helping Others Cope with the Other Side  


We are spiritual beings here for a physical experience, not the other way around.

I offer non-judmental discussions of your beliefs in an attempt to answer some of the questions you may have in your life.   Talking about your spiritual experiences with someone who is open to all possibilities makes things seem more normal somehow.

The more I learn, the more I realize I don't know so I love to hear and discuss how the magic of the Universe has touched other people's lives.

I can help you make connections with your own Spirit Guides or Guardian Angels.  These beings are here to help and guide you as you live your life.  They are from a higher realm and are full of love and light.

I offer mediumship services as needed to assist people in their healing process. 

I know it is important for the living to have closure and often those that have crossed over really want the living to know that they are still with them in spirit.  I can assist you in connecting with these loved ones by identifying the signs that they are sending.  I would also forward all messages of love and light that I receive


I believe that we each come into this world with Animal Spirit helpers.  Knowing which animals are predominant and how to call upon the qualities that each animal has to offer can be used to reach your full potential.

I can offer intuitive readings as required.  I am clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient, clairgustant and clairscentrist.

I can help you tap into and learn to trust your intuition.

I am always thrilled to see someone experiment with their own energy field through simple exercises.  These fun exercises can help you understand your own energy field and its extents.

I can offer suggestions to protect yourself from absorbing other people's energy or more importantly letting other people drain yours with grounding and protective exercises.

I can simply point you in the right direction to get the assistance you need in your own spiritual journey whether it is in person, a book, a product or a store.

Spiritual Counselling

Phone     905 342 5226

                 Distance Healing & Readings
                 ordered online are done at 
                 earliest convenience, on a first 
                 come, first served basis and 
                 scheduled Monday - Friday from
                 9am - 7pm, excluding holidays.


Located   Gores Landing, 
                 Ontario, Canada
                 K0K 2E0
                 A short drive north of Cobourg


Energy can influence the physical space we live in.  The purpose of a house clearing is to get rid of the negative energy and invite more positive energy into the space - creating a space that is sacred and filled with light and love.

Everything that happens in your home affects the energy.  Every object and every living thing in your home gives off energy.  This energy is sent out like ripples in a pond.  These ripples have a tendency to accumulate around the perimeters of the rooms and especially in the corners.  Take a moment to imagine if the place you live in right now has never been physically cleaned from the moment it was built.  The dust, cobwebs and dirt would be everywhere, but especially in the corners.  Space clearing is an energetic process for removing this energy, creating a free flow of energy in your home.

Traditionally the clearing of a space is done with smudge - sacred blends of herbs.  The smudge smolderings and the negative energy moves out with the smoke.

Positive energies are invited into the space using incense and candles.

Your home should be looked at as a tool for manifestation.  When you clear the energy blockages out of your home, you make room for your own personal energy and thus create opportunities for growth and prosperity.


If you live in a house that seems to be occupied by spirits then I can deal with them too.  I also offer coaching on how you can deal with them.  Sometimes they do not want to leave so you have to learn to co-exist with them.  I am here to help empower you to take back your living space. 

I have dealt with "hitchhikers" (entities of low vibrations) in the past and can direct you to get rid of them.

This work can be completed from a distance or in person. If travelling more than 30 minutes from my location north of Cobourg, Ontario, the price will be adjusted to cover any travel costs incurred.

House Clearing & Blessing



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