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Wellness Coaching, Akashic Record Readings, & Intuitive Readings


The way you think
Is the way you feel,
Is the way you act.


Previously a Certified Nutrition and Wellness Specialist with Can-Fit-Pro, I've given up my certification, but decided to add an intuitive element to these coaching sessions for your benefit..

Wellness is good health. This includes the health of the body as well as the mind. Wellness is being the best you can be. To achieve wellness it is important to view a person from a wholistic point of view. Health promoting behaviors must be adopted to obtain and maintain this wellness. Lifestyle plays an important role. Things such as nutrition, routines, beliefs, physical activity, environment, stress management techniques, and self perception all affect the balance of the body, mind and spirit. By evaluating the client’s present nutritional habits, physical activity levels and wholistic health, realistic and measurable goals can be set to achieve more balance. An overall sense of wellness, as well as, increased self-awareness, increased self esteem, and a positive attitude will be some of the rewards of positive lifestyle changes.

With the knowledge acquired in Can-Fit-Pro’s Personal Trainer Specialist course, a complete personalized exercise program including cardiovascular, resistance and flexibility training components can be designed.

Goal Setting to:
  • Maintain wellness for a lifetime
  • Develop an effective active living plan
  • Apply weight management concepts
  • Find stress management solutions
  • Develop spiritual well-being

Consultation on:

  • Benefits of regular physical exercise
  • Intensity and type of exercise
  • Nutrition basics
  • Nutrition for fitness and sport
  • Vegetarian nutrition
  • Wholistic concepts
  • Living Authentically & Loving It
  • Living Your Soul Purpose


INTUITIVE WELLNESS COACHING SESSIONS are most effective when there is a commitment made. Attending 8 (eight) half hour hour sessions is recommended to make positive changes.

Sessions can be booked one at a time but are offered at a discounted rate depending on the number of sessions that are prepaid.


Payment Options



Feeling a bit lost and need some insight? I offer Oracle Card Readings to help guide you.  I want you to live your life as your authentic self and love it. I use a combination of intuitively received messages, Oracle cards, and a pendulum as tools to receive the messages your Guides , Angels, Ascended Masters, Spirit Animals & Ancestors want you to hear.

Specific issues or questions can be addressed or the reading can be done with your Highest Good in mind. These readings are scheduled as 1/2 hour or 1 hour readings. For the time allotted for these readings, please limit the number of questions submitted to the  maximum number of questions specified per session below.

These readings are offered in person or by email.  Please be sure to include a valid email address that the report can be mailed to when completed.  Please include your full legal name on the payment form.

After receiving the request for a reading along with questions and payment, The Healer Chick will send a reply email indicating the date and times the reading will be completed and the report will be emailed.   This date will be within 7 days of receiving the request and payment.

Choose $According to # of Questions
Payments can also be accepted via EMAIL through your own online banking if you do not have a PayPal account.  Please contact Amy for details.


All readings are for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES only.

Please be aware that by sending payment and requesting a reading that you have automatically acknowledged this disclaimer and that I cannot be held responsible for how you use the information from the reading once I've given it to you and that you understand that there are NO REFUNDS for readings that have been completed.

By sending payment and requesting a reading, you are also agreeing that it is important to keep an open mind to receiving all information given. If it does not resonate with you right away, some things may become clear at a later date. Your openness to receive determines what comes through.  All the information will be given to you with the intent of the highest good, and with honour and integrity.

All information given to you will be to assist you, and will be kept confidential by me. However, if you choose to share any of the information revealed during the consultation with others, you alone are responsible for the results of sharing this information.

Thank you for your intuitive reading and the reiki session Amy! I found your reading to be very accurate and professional. I must agree with what Catherine has written, your reading was genuine, caring, honest and non judgemental. You come from a place of love whilst doing healing work with people and your way of explaining things was ...
easy to take in, you have a very special gift. Thank you ♥

Danielle Wardle,
South Australia

Thank you so much for the Akashic Record reading(s) you've given me. Both have been able to open my heart to the deeper issues that I wouldn't allow myself to see, which in returned, allowed me to heal, or start to heal, these aspects about myself. Your reading is genuine, caring, and honest, while at the same time, non-judging. Thank you again!

Catherine Graham,
Ontario, Canada


Phone    905 342 5226

                 Distance Healing & Readings
                 ordered online are done at 
                 earliest convenience, on a first 
                 come, first served basis and 
                 scheduled Monday - Friday from
                 9am - 7pm, excluding holidays.


Located   Gores Landing, 
                 Ontario, Canada
                 K0K 2E0
                 A short drive north of Cobourg


The Akashic Records are the soul's records of all its experiences in all the lifetimes it's been through. Each soul has its own Akashic Records, like a series of books with each book representing one lifetime. The Hall (or Library) of Akashic Records is where all souls' Akashic Records are stored energetically.

The information stored there includes that of the past, present and future. Accessing it can be beneficial to clear away energy blockages, ancestral issues, limiting personal beliefs that seem to have come from nowhere, releasing cellular memory, finding forgiveness, and ultimately to find healing.

The purpose of accessing in the Akashic Records is to assist you right now, to help you make changes that will improve your life and help you to move forward.

I do not do "Cut & Paste" Akashic Record Readings that contain details of past lives that are in no way pertinent to your life today nor do I encourage cryptic spiritual teachings that have no relevance to your growth as a person now.
I ask the questions that you send and answer them in a straight forward, to the point format that is very personalized and unique to you.  I offer suggestions given to me from the Records on how you can use or implement that information into your life to help you in the NOW.

Only the information I am meant to relay to you will come through. There are times that the Lords of the Akashic Records, Angels, Masters and Gudes will simply tell me that you already know and I am told to remind you to follow your heart because "you know you know".

Sometimes the messages coming through do not resonate with you right away. I ask that you keep an open-mind because sometimes our own truths are the hardest to acknowledge and quite often, even though it may not have made sense at the time of the reading, the information strikes a chord in the near future.

I am confident enough in my abilities to know that though I am  just the messenger, I am a clear channel. I always ask for clarity when "interesting" information is presented to me to gain more understanding.

While in your records I will ask if any residual energy can be cleared away that no longer serves you. It has been my experience that Energy Healing while in the records results in shifts in your life almost immediately.

My goals of working in the Akashic Records is to assist people in learning from the past, dreaming for the future but living for today.

I can only do readings on individuals over the age of 18 but accessing your records and asking how you help a younger child is more than acceptable and very useful.

All I need is your full legal name and a few questions you would like answered.

Readings can be done in person or a report can be sent by email.

If requesting an online reading, please include along with payment & your questions, an email address you would like the report sent to . 

Another option, since Paypal only allows for short messages , is to email me 
your questions from the email address you'd like the report sent to.

When requesting & paying for an Akashic Record Reading, consent to open & work in your Akashic Records is implied. 

After receiving the request for a reading along with questions and payment, The Healer Chick will send a reply email indicating the date and times the reading will be completed and the report will be emailed.   This date will be within 7 days of receiving the request and payment.

Akashic Record Readings can also be done on ANIMALS, PLANTS, OBJECTS and BUSINESSES.

Permission to read the records of these things has to be given by the legal owner through their records. This is a great way to help pets, change the energy of a space or find ways to succeed in a business.

All Akashic Record Readings are scheduled as 1 hour sessions.


Akashic Record Reading

Payments can also be accepted via EMAIL through your own online banking if you do not have a PayPal account.  Please contact Amy for details.

Thank you so much for the Akashic Record Reading you did for me. Your reading was concise and easy to understand and delivered in a very professional manner. More to the point, it was very accurate and quickly got the the heart of the issues I had at that point in time and gave me something positive to work with. I am more than happy to recomend you to anyone needing your services. Blessings.

Carol Cobb,

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