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My Work, Being A Wild Woman, My Aspirations, The Gardens, & Other Interesting Things


 Okay, so I've always been a bit "odd" and always believed there was more to this world than what most    people perceive. In 2004 I had a Spiritual awakening and since then I have discovered I have many gifts.  I am delighted to use those gifts to serve others.

Hello and welcome to my website.

My name is Amy D. Penny and I am The Healer Chick.  My mastery is healing.  I am a Reiki Master.  I was initiated into Reiki I & II by Reiki Master Anita Levin in October 2005 & May 2006 respectively. It was these attunements to Reiki that quicken the process of being attuned to the presence and messages of Spirit. No, that isn't always the case - Reiki energy and Psychic energy are not the same thing but during the Reiki attunements blocks can be removed.  In my case, that is what happened.

I was initiated into Reiki III (Advanced Reiki Techniques) and became a Reiki Master under the direction of Reiki Master Valerie Smith in March 2011.  I have excellent lineage and I believe this works to my advantage.

Other subjects I have studied, certifications I hold and workshops I have attended are:
    *    B.A.A. - Interior Design - Ryerson University - June 1992
    *    Pattern Drafting / Alterations - Continuing Education - Centennial College - September 1992
    *    AutoCAD - Continuing Education - Durham College - 1995
    *    Certified Nutrition & Wellness Specialist with Can-Fit Pro from November 2005 - 2010
    *    Personal Trainer Specialist Course with Can-Fit Pro - November 2005
    *    Crystal Therapy, Introduction & Basic - Diane Tait - June 2006
    *    Anatomy for the Healer - Adela Barbier
    *    Inner Solutions Ear Candling Workshop - Adela Barbier
    *    Level One Akashic Records - Valerie Smith - May 2009
    *    Level Two Akashic Records - Valerie Smith - July 2009
    *    The Healing Angels of the Energy Field class - Valerie Smith - February 2010
    *    Certified Akashic Record Consultant - Valerie Smith - June 2010
    *    Akashic Record Retreat - Valerie Smith - September 2010
    *    Ordained Minister with Universal Life Church - February 2011
    *    Your Colours and Numbers - Valerie Smith - January 2011, 2014, 2015, 2016
    *    Advanced Medical First Responder with St John Ambulance - Sept 2012
    *    Genesa Crystal Workshop - Valerie Smith - December 2012
    *    Access Consciousness® Bars Course - Valerie Smith - June 2013
    *    IET's Steps to Transformation Workshop - Valerie Smith - April 2014
    *    Certified Earth Angel Realm Reader - Doreen Virtue - May 2014
    *    Certified in Basic, Intermediate & Advanced Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) - Valerie Smith - June 2014
    *    Huna Clearing Techniques Workshop - Jeremy  Landon - September 2014
    *    Mindsight - Online Educational Resource - UOIT - March 2015
    *    Standard First Aid CPR C AED - St John Ambulance - October 2015
    *    Master Crystal Workshop - Valerie Smith -  November 2015

I believe in a lot of things.  I believe that our physical bodies can
withstand a lot, but at the same time can be pushed to some incredible limits. 

Our minds can be pushed beyond those limits.  We only limit ourselves by our own thoughts and beliefs - Change your beliefs and you change your reality.

What does this mean in a healing context?  It means that with the right mind set pain and discomfort can be lessened and disease can be eliminated. I believe anything is possible when the healer within is awakened.  I simply offer a boost start to begin that healing.

I have an understanding of how thoughts and emotions can collect in the energy field causing glitches and eventually manifesting into the physical body as disease.  Realizing and releasing pent up emotions,
fears and worries are the beginnings to ridding the body of disease and finding wellness.

I offer coaching to adjust these thought patterns.  Using clearing statements in combination with simple affirmations repeatedly create new thought patterns and a healthier energy field.

I will also help identify existing beliefs about oneself that may be limiting.

I use my intuitive gifts to direct me in helping my clients with their healing process. 

Intuitive Healing sessions are by no means a substitute for Medical Care from a trained practitioner, but are mostly certainly complementary to this kind of care.

I have no formal medical training, only a basic knowledge of anatomy. 
I am an Empath. I feel pain and other sensations in my own body that mirrors what is happening in my client's body.  I interpret this information giving me insight into the issues as Spirit channels the healing energy where it is needed. I have an innate knowledge of chakras and meridians. 

I offer several different types of intuitive readings that provide insight to inspire, empower and promote healing.

Distance is not a factor when doing healing work. I am physically located in Ontario, Canada and to date I have done distance work with people from many countries including Australia, New Zealand, Portugal, France, the United Kingdom, Trinidad-Tobago, the U.S.A. and Canada.  I love that doing this work has allowed me the opportunity to meet people from all over the world.


My goals are simple - to help you obtain and maintain balance in your life - the balance between your physical body, your mind (emotional body) and spirit.  The more balanced you become, the easier it is to deal with the ups and downs of life.  Life becomes more enjoyable when you choice a new perspective.  With a sunnier outlook on life, your health will benefit and from there the spirit rejoices and soars.

I look forward to working with you.

In Light and Love,


I listen to my heart and I follow my intuition. I am wise. I am strong. I am happy to just be me.

The Wild Woman can be found within any woman, but despite the occasional sighting of the Wild Woman she is lost behind social masks and expectations.

When the Wild Woman is lost, an innate part of the woman is lost.

Wild Woman celebrates the woman within in all her uniqueness and beauty.  The Wild Woman is above reproach.  She is a natural healer.  She is sensual without apology.  She is compassionate and supportive.  She lifts others up.  She is confident yet humble.  She is connected to nature.  She is creative.  She is strong without
being hard or brash.  She dances and sings because she just can’t stop herself from enjoying life

She is simply herself.  She honours who she truly is.  She stands in her own power and she speaks her own truth.  She sets values to live by and she is accountable for her actions and her words.

I am a Wild Woman.  I am uniquely me and my journey to self acceptance has taken lots of twists and turns. I hope to share some of those experiences and what I learned to help other woman open their minds to the infinite possibilites that simply being yourself can open up.

When I was made aware of the Wild Woman archetype and all that it stands for, I realized my error in alway trying to conform. After all these years of trying to fit a mold I was never meant to fit, I am genuinely happy. Now that I have found that my place is not a place at all but a state of complete self love and loyalty, I want to share those insights with others. 

I want other women to understand that they are always free to
make their own choices and remain true to themselves. I want to help them regain self respect of their minds, bodies and spirits.  I want them to realize that they each have so much to offer the world by simply being themselves.

I want other women to feel how empowering standing in their own power can be - a power fueled by Divine Love.  I want them to know how liberating speaking their own truth can feel.  I want them to unleash their own unique Wild Woman and to be comfortable with her


We are the creators of our reality, not victims of it.  Want  to change your life then change your reality.

* * * * * * *


Phone     905 342 5226

                 Distance Healing & Readings
                 ordered online are done at 
                 earliest convenience, on a first 
                 come, first served basis and 
                 scheduled Monday - Friday from
                 9am - 7pm, excluding holidays.


Located   Gores Landing, 
                 Ontario, Canada
                 K0K 2E0
                 A short drive north of Cobourg



At the beginning of May 2010, I opened community style gardens on my property which is located in a serene country setting near Gores Landing, Ontario.

The project was titled

            ~ Grow A Garden ~
       Unearth Your Wild Woman 

and I had 4 gardeners plant, weed, tend and harvest gardens in the 2010 season.

The focus of the gardens is to not only grow vegetables, herbs and flowers from seed to harvest, but also for women of all ages to unearth their own Wild Woman. 

It was my hope they would experience:
  • active living
  • personal growth
  • healing
  • the feeling of empowerment
  • peace & relaxation
  • learn new skills
  • get in touch with nature
  • new friendships

This project has been shelved but who knows what the future may bring. 



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